Our Corporate Structure

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DOGANCIYAPI Building and Construction Industry & Trade LTD.Co

About Us

Founded by Ömer Doğancı makes the DOGANCIYAPI subcontracted the construction industry.

Construction DOGANCIYAPI to meet the needs of the tunnel mold plays an important role in the construction of high quality buildings. managers of our institution which has the advantage of catching up with the kernel is all about details of the sector. In this case, the subject of work also increases the dominance and quality.

Large-scale outsourcing for our institution that carries out the construction of the tunnel production patterns. Wood moldings, panel moldings, iron slabs, nature patterns, as DOGANCIYAPI producing plywood formwork molds plays a very important role in the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings. This task has been working without compromising on quality moving DOGANCIYAPI aware of.

Vision - Mission

  • Our Vision

    Our goal is to reach the final customers by providing coordination structure not only as a company engaged in the supply of building materials, delivery also serves as a key to the company's signature building.

    DOGANCI YAPI as our aim is to take advantage of our years of experience of our production without reducing the quality of work of our human nature to live to sign relying on high standards.

  • Our Mission

    Also in the framework of this vision we have set for our customers, our employees, for example, create value for ourselves and our country to be an enterprise resource "MISSION" We have acquired.


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Our quality policy

Doğancı yapı, doğancı inşaat, doğancı inşaat kalıbı, doğancı group, doğancı yapı,